“In the height of Covid back-to-school time in 2020, my then-kindergartner was asked to use hand sanitizer at least a dozen times during a typical school day. This soon wreaked havoc on her poor skin, as shown in the first picture. Her hands felt like alligator skin, were red and angry, and even cracked and bled (the little red dots are blood)! They hurt her so badly that it kept her from sleeping at night. My daughter was allowed to skip the sanitizer and wash with soap and water instead; however, her little hands just couldn’t heal completely. Wanting some Creek House healing salve, which we would slather on at night, and some healing cream, which I sent with her to use after each hand washing at school. Her sweetie little hands healed up in the span of a week! Now I keep it on hand (ba-da-tss) for everything from a typical winter-dry skin to eczema to owies and recommend it to friends all the time for whatever ails. Grateful to support to a local business that uses healthful ingredients that actually work! Thank you, Creek House!”