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Our gift baskets & boxes are the gift that keeps on giving! Choose the set you’d like to send to someone or receive yourself, then select the scent that suits your preference. There is something for everyone, and who doesn’t love a locally-made, handcrafted gift basket that is nothing more than pure goodness?!

Honey Gift Basket

The Honey Club gift basket
This gift box contains 6 honeys: Cinnamon Spun Honey, Regular Spun Honey (Creamed Honey), Local Raw Honey, Chocolate Honey, Lemon Honey, and Hont-n-Spicy Honey. An equivalent of a gift basket minus the basket.

Bee Fizzy Gift Box

The healing club

Our Bee Fizzies (aka bath bombs) are made with coconut oil and honey to help soothe and heal dry, irritated skin. Pop one in the bathtub to help relax! Fizzies also contain epsom salt that aids in the relief of sore and aching muscles! Choose a set of 2 or 4 from the following scents: Awaken (Eucalyptus & Mint,) Cedar & Spice, and Lavender.

Baby Bee Gift Basket

The Honey Club gift basket

Our Baby Bee Gift Set includes baby bee butt paste, baby wash and baby bee lotion. The butt paste is great for treating diaper rash! All of these products include all natural ingredients, including beeswax and propolis that help promote the healing of skin tissue! *Keep baby wash out of eyes, may cause irritation.

Boxed Gift Set

The Sampler Set Club

This gift set is perfect for any teacher, friend, or family member. It includes a 3 oz beeswax lotion, giant beeswax lip balm, 3 oz bee fizzy (bath bomb), 1 oz beeswax lotion bar, guest soap, and a small beeswax candle. Choose from Lavender, Fruity, Minty, Masculine, or a variety of fragrances!

Just “Bee” Cause Gift Basket

The Honey Club gift basket

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, we have the perfect gift basket! We offer Floral, Fruity, Masculine, Christmas, & Combo fragrances and they each come with: A travel sized Beeswax Lotion, regular Beeswax Lip Balm, 4 oz Honeycomb Sugar Scrub, guest sized Beeswax Soap, a Bee Fizzy (bath bomb), a Beeswax Candle and an adorable Honey Bear!

Get Well Soon Gift Basket

The Sampler Set Club

For those who are feeling ill or are needing help with immunity and managing their symptoms, we suggest this box full of these specially crafted, all-natural goodies! Contains: 1oz Bee Relief Stick, tester Healing Salve, our 15 pack of Shower Steamers, Bee Healed Beeswax Lip Balm, Propolis Throat Spray and an adorable Honey Bear.

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