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Quality is something we never compromise on. That is our commitment. Each jar of honey we package and every product we develop is made with fresh, unfiltered, and raw honey. Alongside our own flavors of local honey, including regular, chocolate, lemon, and hot honey, we also carry a number of different Texas varieties.

Spun Honey

Our Spun Honey is unfiltered, pure, natural honey, but with the consistency of butter or icing. By using honey’s own natural crystallization process, we are able to bring you a smooth, creamy, spreadable honey that’s easy to use and delicious to taste. Spread on warm toast, bagels, biscuits, or rolls, drizzle on cakes or ice cream, or use it to sweeten your tea and coffee. Warm to soften, cool to harden. Vietnamese organic cinnamon added to the Cinnamon Spun Honey makes it taste like Grandma’s cinnamon rolls!

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Our Products

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Honey Bear – 2.5 oz

Our local, unfiltered, raw honey comes in a super cute mini-sized honey bear! Our honey is the real deal and delicious too! Snag your own online or visit us to get it in-store.

Bear bottle of honey

Honey – Plastic Jar

Great for drizzling on biscuits, oatmeal, or even pizza! It is purely what the bees make. You will love our all-natural, raw honey that we never add anything to or cut with syrups.

Plastic bottle of honey

Chocolate Honey

Strong, dark cocoa powder blended with raw honey makes this a delight for the taste buds! A delicious dairy-free option! Dip your fruit in it, spread it on a biscuit or toast, even to sweeten your coffee!

Chocolate honey

Spun Honey

Using honey’s own natural crystallization process, we are able to bring you a smooth, creamy, spreadable honey. Spread on warm toast, bagels, biscuits, rolls, drizzle on cake or ice cream, or use to sweeten your tea and coffee.

Bear bottle of honey

Hot-n-Spicy Honey

Our Hot & Spicy Honey is sweet with a power punch of heat. Drizzle over a breakfast burrito or a pizza! Use for a marinade or just eat it with a spoon, either way this honey will please the person that LOVES spicy food!

Plastic bottle of honey

Lemon Honey

Creek House Lemon Honey is an amazing combination of fresh, unfiltered raw honey and a fragrant edible lemon essential oil. It is great in tea, for a sore throat or drizzled over a biscuit or scone!!

Chocolate honey

Healing & Immunity Products

Elderberry Syrup

Creek House Honey Farm’s Elderberry Syrup is made with the best quality ingredients you can find! The elderberries are organic and grown in the midwest region of the USA! The honey is raw and unfiltered! We combine fresh lime, ginger, clove, and the best cinnamon to make our Elderberry Syrup top-notch! It has amazing health benefits! Get yours today!

Elderberry syrup

Propolis Tincture

For skin wounds or mouth sores, place a few drops on the infected area and cover it with a bandage if possible. If treating oral sores, just keep reapplying!

For daily immune support: Adults take 20 drops per day, and children 12 and under 10 drops per day. Can be increased if you have cold and flu symptoms.

Propolis tincture

Propolis Throat Spray

Creek House Propolis Throat Spray helps relieve a sore throat and/or other mouth and throat infections or irritations. Bees gather and use propolis to insulate their hive.

Amazingly, it is anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. It reduces inflammation and helps with wound healing.*

Propolis throat spray
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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