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Each of our skincare products is made in-house with ethically-sourced beeswax, propolis, and honey. All-natural ingredients and fantastic scents (that are never too strong) have our customers buzzing to try our products. Read more about each one below or click the “Shop Now” button to add some to your cart.

Anti-age Skincare Products

Target fine lines, dull skin, dark circles, and more with our anti-age skincare line formulated with high-quality ingredients.

Anti-age skincare products

Eye Cream

Our anti-age eye cream is formulated with beehive products, carrier oils, and essential oils that work together to combat dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and dryness found around the eye.

Face Cream

This luxurious cream is formulated with the best essential and carrier oils to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It contains raw beeswax and propolis straight from the bee hive and makes your face feel silky soft!

Face Mask

The face mask is luxury in a jar! Simply add raw honey and your choice of milk or water to make it come alive. Lavender, orange, and patchouli essential oils, along with carrier oils, will help clean and hydrate your skin. Recommended use: once per week, along with the face wash and face cream.

Face Scrub

Our face scrub is made up of honeycomb, carrier oils, and essential oils that help fight acne and signs of aging. Use one to two times a week, along with the face wash and face cream, for best results. It has a fresh lemon scent!

Face Wash

Our face wash is formulated to cleanse every type of skin! It contains carrier oils, essential oils, and propolis that help pull out impurities and rejuvenate your skin.

Anti-Age Skincare Set

This bundle includes the anti-age face wash, face cream, and eye cream. Each of these skincare products helps your skin get rid of impurities, smooth out fine lines, increase moisture level, and make your skin silky soft!

Spa Kit

Our Spa Kit is a great way to test most of our Anti-age products! You will get a tester of Face Scrub, Eye Cream, Face Cream, Face Mask, and a 2 oz Honey Bear (used for a separate mask).

Baby Bee Skincare

Happy babies are made with Baby Bee Skincare by Creek House Honey Farm, delicately crafted to provide relief from sensitive skin conditions.

Baby Bee Lotion

Our Baby Bee lotion contains essential and carrier oils that are formulated for a baby’s tender skin. It will help the skin retain moisture, as well as take out redness and inflammation.

Baby Bee Wash

Gentle and cleansing, our lavender Baby wash will help baby’s skin heal. It contains olive oil, propolis, and vitamin E oil.
*Keep baby wash out of eyes, may cause irritation.

Nursing Balm

Our Beeswax Nursing Balm is great for sore nipples caused by nursing babies. Made with 100% pure beeswax and carrier oils, it helps heal skin and irritations too!

*Not recommended to use while nursing, just in between feedings.

Baby Bee Butt Paste

Baby Bee Butt Paste uses a combination of essential oils, beeswax, and propolis to provide soothing relief for diaper rash or irritated skin. 

Hair Care Products

Bring your hair back to life and keep it vibrant with our all-natural hair care products.

Hair care products

Hair Oil

This fabulous hair oil will strengthen and moisturize your hair. It is made with essential and carrier oils that help promote hair growth and overall scalp health.

Beard Balm

This balm will tame and nourish your man’s unruly whiskers! With scents of sandalwood, clove, and vanilla, it leaves a clean, masculine scent.

Beeswax Skincare Products

Stay smooth, soothed, and soft throughout the year with our beeswax skincare line.

Beeswax skincare products

Beeswax Lip Balm

This lip balm will make your lips feel soft and silky. It contains no harsh chemicals that dry your lips out. It has a blend of carrier oils and beeswax that will help replenish your lips.

Beeswax Lotion

Creek House lotion is the softest, smoothest lotion that you will ever use. It is almost a hand-cream consistency and contains no harsh chemicals that dry your skin out. The beeswax helps your skin heal!

Beeswax Soap

Our soaps get you squeaky clean in the bath but leave your skin feeling silky and soft! They are cold process soaps that contain all-natural ingredients that nourish your skin.

Honeycomb Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is a terrific way to get your dry, calloused skin back to normal. It exfoliates your skin, and the honeycomb inside helps your dried, cracked skin heal and rejuvenate!

Lotion Bar

Lotion bars boost the moisturizing effects of liquid lotion in a convenient “non-messy” bar. They are great for healing dry skin or targeting dry spots.

Bee Fizzies

Our bee fizzies are made with coconut oil and honey to help soothe and heal dry and irritated skin. Pop one in the bathtub to help relax! Fizzies also contain Epsom salt that aids in the relief of sore and aching muscles!

Pain Relief Products

The healing powers of honey are vastly underrated. Check out our pain relief line and watch those aches and pains disappear!

Bee Relief

Bee Relief uses a combination of essential oils, beeswax, and propolis to get rid of basic muscle aches and pains. Also great for headaches and anxiety!

*Not for babies or pregnant women!*

Pain relief products

Muscle Rub Stick

Our muscle rub stick relieves aches and pains and even helps clear sinuses! Terrific for sore or aching muscles!

*Do not use if pregnant.
*Not for children under 12 yrs

BMS Period Stick

Relieve stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain associated with PMS.

Rub BMS Period Stick on the lower back or abdomen to relieve cramps or on your temples or under your nose.

Bug Bite Stick

This beeswax product takes the sting and itches out of bug bites fast! It also helps with inflammation and healing! Simply rub it on the infected area.

*Not for pregnant women or babies under 2 yrs.

Healing/Sensitive Products

Get the glow of your dreams with our wide variety of healing products made for sensitive skin!

Healing and sensitive products

Acne Serum

Creek House Acne Serum helps with stubborn “under the skin” pimples and most types of acne. Simply wash your face with either our Propolis Face Wash or Beeswax Soap two times daily and apply the serum. The serum can be applied to a bandage and left overnight for trouble spots!

Bee Gone Ointment

Bee Gone Ointment helps with redness and inflammation. It contains propolis, a known healing agent for skin tissue. Bee Gone is mainly used to treat acne, eczema, and other skin ailments.

Foot Bar

Our foot bar will make your feet feel happy! Packed with amazing carrier oils, essential oils, beeswax, propolis, and magnesium, this bar will heal the driest feet! It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal!

Healing Cream

Healing Cream is similar to our healing salve but in a lotion form. It helps nourish severely irritated or dry skin. The cream also has healing properties that help with cuts, scrapes, and burns—made with a combination of specific carrier oils, kinds of butter, beeswax, propolis, and essential oils that promote the healing of skin tissue.

Healing Salve

Healing Salve helps nourish severely irritated or dry skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It also has healing properties for cuts, scrapes, and burns. Made with a combination of specific carrier oils, kinds of butter, beeswax, and essential oils that promote the healing of skin tissue. Click the button below to see feedback on the product!

Propolis Tincture

For skin wounds or mouth sores, place a few drops on the infected area and cover it with a bandage if possible. If treating oral sores, just keep reapplying!

For daily immune support: Adults take 20 drops per day, and children 12 and under ten drops per day. Can be increased if you have cold and flu symptoms.

Sensitive Bee Lotion

Sensitive Bee Lotion is specially formulated to help chronic skin problems. It is made with propolis and other nourishing oils to help moisturize and heal skin tissue. Specific carrier oils will help heal dry skin and get rid of inflammation.

Sensitive Bee Soap

Our beeswax soaps get you squeaky clean in the bath and leave your skin feeling silky and soft. They are cold-processed soaps that are made with a combination of carrier oils, beeswax, and essential oils that nourish your skin. Our Sensitive Soap is formulated to help people combat eczema and other skin ailments.

Pet Products

Don’t forget about Fido! We’re sure your animals will appreciate you looking out for them.

Puppy Balm from Creek House Honey Farm
Puppy Balm

This all-natural beeswax balm is great for the puppy’s nose, paws, wounds, and other dry or infected areas. It will also help with inflammation and is antibacterial and antiviral!


Summer Products

Stay protected and feeling fine this summer with our beeswax skincare Summer Line.

All-Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Our all-natural bug repellent spray uses essential oils to repel bugs with no harsh chemicals or deet! Contains: Citronella, Lavender, and other bug-repelling essential oils to help keep away mosquitoes and other biting insects.

All-Natural Bug Repellent Cream

This all-natural cream uses essential oils to repel bugs with no harsh chemicals or deet. Contains: Citronella, lavender, and other bug-repelling essential oils to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay.

Sunburn Relief

Our Sunburn Relief will help cool any sunburned area! It contains aloe vera and carrier oils that help heal your skin, while the peppermint essential oil helps to refresh it. Stick it in the refrigerator for an EXTRA boost of cooling!

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